Top 100 Design & Inspiration Blogs: Go Media & Friends Favorites

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Google Reader has retired, but we here at Go Media believe RSS is far from dead. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 100 of our favorite blogs to follow, however it is you may choose to do so. And even better, we had a little help from our friends.

Designer Adam Garcia is the owner of The Pressure, a creative studio based in Portland, Oregon.Owner of The Pressure, a creative studio based in Portland, Oregon.

 Adam Garcia’s Favorite Blogs

Today and Tomorrow:  Advertising, art, design, fashion, music
BLDGBlog: Los Angeles-based writer Geoff Manaugh provides architectural news and conjecture
The New Graphic: Graphic design goodness by Cina Associates
Banquet Hall Tumblr: Good stuff

James White is a visual artist, designer and speaker living in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. Visual artist, designer and speaker living in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

 James White’s Favorite Blogs

Abduzeedo: Great people, great content
Jason Eisener’s Tumblr: Rad inspiration stuff

Jen Adrion and Omar Noory are the designers These Are Things. They love maps!Designers These Are Things. They love maps! See them at WMC this year!

Jen Adrion’s Picks

The Art of Non-Conformity: Chris Guillebeau’s blog pairs business insights with details from his quest to visit all 192 countries
Mark’s Daily Apple: I try to stay updated about health and fitness issues to counteract all of the inevitable chair-sitting that comes with this profession!

Omar Noory’s Picks

I follow a lot of Tumblrs –
mostly illustrators and funny comics including:
Filipe Andrade | Jordie Bellaire  |  Owen Davey | Mcbess (Matthieu Bessudo) |  Kali Ciesemier |  Babs Tarr | Kevin Wada |  Seo Kim | Nathan Bulmer

I’m one of three partners here at Go Media and founder of Weapons of Mass Creation Fest.One of three partners at Go Media & founder of Weapons of Mass Creation Fest.

Jeff Finley’s Picks

Sidebar: The 5 best design links, every day
Think Traffic:  Build a thriving and profitable audience for your site
Medium A better place to read and write things that matter
James Clear:  Entrepreneur, weightlifter, and travel photographer
Seth Godin: Best selling author
Nathan Barry: iPhone and software designer
ISO50: The blog of Scott Hansen
Adventures in Design: Graphic design gossip and artistic growing pains through the eyes of two poster designers
Execute Ventures: Inspiring product designers
Mule Radio: Follow this podcast
HowStuffWorks:  Explains thousands of topics
The Industry:  Brings a new voice to tech media
This American Life:  The most popular podcast in the country
Ffffound!: Find, bookmark and share your favorite images

Margot Harrington is graphic designer, blogger, and sometimes teacher. She founded her design studio Pitch Design Union in the fall of 2008 and has been captivated by all forms of making and doing ever since. Graphic designer, blogger, and sometimes teacher. She founded her design studio Pitch Design Union in the fall of 2008.

Margot Harrington’s Picks One of the longest continuously running blogs on the web
Ann Friedman: Blog of magazine journalist and friend of Go Media
Artsy: A new way to discover art you’ll love, featuring work from leading galleries, museums, and private collections around the world.
Design Work Life: A part of Seamless Creative, a New York City-based design studio

Wilson Revehl is one of three partners at Go Media. His title is Vice President and is Go Media's web department's lead developer on custom solutions.VP and one of three partners at Go Media.

Wilson Revehl’s Picks

Slate Magazine:  Online magazine of news, politics, and culture
Inc.:  Inc Magazine’s advice, tools, services  Award-winning online news and entertainment Web site
VentureBeat:  News about tech, money and innovation
ReadWrite:  Web Technology news, reviews and analysis, etc.
Adweek:  Magazine and website that covers media news, including print, technology, advertising, branding and television
New York Times:  Breaking news, multimedia, reviews & opinion Investing information and an enjoyably useful site
Harvard Business Review Magazine:  Business management magazine, blogs, case studies, articles, books, and webinars
MIT Technology Review:  Magazine about innovation

Troy DeShano is an artist and illustrator from Traverse City, Michigan known for launching the Old and New project after WMC Fest 2011.Artist and illustrator from Traverse City, Michigan known for launching the Old and New project after WMC Fest 2011

Troy DeShano’s Picks

Peter Rollins: Writer, lecturer, storyteller, public speaker
Lisa Congdon: Artist, Illustrator and WMC speaker
Jared Erickson: Inspiration from this Atlanta Designer
The Fox is Black: A blog focused on design and inspiration
Mollie Greene: Writer and Paper Artist

Andrea Pippins is a designer, illustrator and teacher.  Come see her at WMC Fest this year.Designer, illustrator and teacher. Come see her at WMC Fest this year.

Andrea Pippin’s Picks

Miss Moss: Fashion, Photography, Art, Illustration, Design
Oh Joy!: Oh Joy blog covers inspiration and design by Joy Deangdeelert Cho
Park and Cube: Fashion blog by graphic designer Shini Park

Sean Dockery is an illustrator & designer raised in Cleveland, OH and currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA.An illustrator & designer raised in Cleveland, OH and currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA. See him at WMC Fest this year!

Sean Dockery’s Picks

Austin Kleon’s Tumblr: Author of Steal Like An Artist Sharpen your drawing skills
Matthew Woodson: A role model for his amazing line work and beautiful color palettes
Artist Mike Mitchell: Artist Mike Mitchell’s innovative paintings
Ted Talks: Ideas worth spreading, a great way to get through the work day and stay motivated

Kern and Burn is an online and print publication by Jessica Karle Heltzel and Tim Hoover that curates discussions, interviews and essays. Kern and Burn is an online and print publication by Jessica Karle Heltzel and Tim Hoover that curates discussions, interviews and essays.  See them at WMC Fest this year!

Kern and Burn’s Picks

99U: Our go to source for quick reads on productivity, relevant resources and tools
The Great Discontent: Beautifully presented and written interviews with creatives and artists
A Well Traveled Woman: Gorgeously curated lifestyle and travel blog
Its Nice That: A great place to discover unique work in art and design
Fast Co Design: Features centered on the intersection of business, innovation, and design
LifeHacker:  Easy reading for tips, tricks, and best-ofs for the web/tech crowd

Freelance graphic designer specializing in the music apparel industry and WMC 2013 speakerFreelance graphic designer specializing in the music apparel industry and WMC 2013 speaker

Brandon Rike’s Picks

Draplin Design Co: Adventures in design with Aaron Draplin
Mr Cup Blog: An inspiration blog and a shop for graphic designers who need to improve their life and creativity
Remodelista: The authoritative sourcebook for interior design and home remodeling

Jacqui Oakley is an illustrator; she specializes in hand-lettering and portraiture .Illustrator who specializes in hand-lettering and portraiture. Hear her speak at WMC Fest this year.

Jacqui Oakley’s Picks

50Watts: Features book covers, ephemera, weird kids’ books, features on forgotten writers, artists’ books, contemporary drawing
Dangerous Minds: A compendium of oddities, pop culture treasures, high weirdness, punk rock and politics drawn from the outer reaches of pop culture
Public Domain Review: Showcasing the most interesting and unusual out-of-copyright works available online
Open Culture: Brings together high-quality cultural & educational media
UbuWeb: A completely independent resource website dedicated to all strains of the avant-garde, ethnopoetics, and outsider arts

Graphic Designer from Wichita Falls, TXGraphic Designer from Wichita Falls, TX

Simeon Hendrix’s Picks

Blog Spoon Graphics:  Tons of great inspiration and tutorials into hand lettering, photoshop techniques, illustrator techniques, etc.
Field Notes: Awesome memo book company that releases limited edition custom unique memo books every season of the year.  It’s full of awesome old school vintage inspiration
Aaron Draplin/Draplin Design Company: Brilliant graphic artist, touring speaker, outspoken, amazing

Front-end developer and designer here at Go Media.Front-end developer and designer here at Go Media

Bryan Garvin’s Picks

CSS Tricks: A Couple of best practices for tablet-friendly design
Webdesigner Depot: Web design resources for web designers
Android Central: News, reviews, help & tips, buyer guides, forums and accessories
Smashing Magazine: Online magazine for professional web designers and developers

Project Manager at Go MediaProject Manager at Go Media

Sarah Traxler’s Picks

Good: Ideas and tools for progress
Design Observer: Features news and critical essays on design, urbanism, social innovation and popular culture

Designer at Go MediaDesigner at Go Media

Aaron Robert’s Picks

Collate: Design Inspiration
Creative Review:  Advertising, design and visual culture
Minimalissimo:  An online editorial platform that celebrates minimalism in design
AisleOne: Graphic Design, Typography and Grid Systems

Arsenal Manager at Go Media and co-founder, partner and designer at Studio Ace of SpadeArsenal Manager at Go Media and co-founder, partner and designer at Studio Ace of Spade

Simon Birky Hartmann’s Picks

But does it float?: Painting, photography, drawing, typography, design
Rob Sheridan’s Tumblr: Creative director for Nine Inch Nails
Signalnoise’s Inspiration Tumblr: Inspiration by our friend and amazing designer James White

Editor of the GoMediaZine & Community Manager at Go MediaEditor of the GoMediaZine & Community Manager at Go Media

Heather Sakai’s Picks

Swiss Miss: A design blog and studio run by Tina Roth Eisenberg
This Isn’t Happiness: Art, Photography, Design and Disappointment
You the Designer: The Graphic Design Lifestyle Blog
Web Design Tuts+: Tutorials, Articles, Tips, Etc.
Design Modo: Professional Design Framework for Designers and Developers
Codrops: Tutorials, Articles and Freebies
Grain Edit: Focused on classic design work from the 1950s-1970s

Currently interning at Go Media Currently interning at Go Media

Kyle Saxton’s Picks

Daily Drop Cap:
A project by designer & illustrator Jessica Hische
Awwwards: Website Awards that recognize the talent of the best developers, designers and web agencies in the world
Colour Lovers:
Community to share create and share colors, palettes and patterns
Beautiful Type:A blog dedicated to beautiful typography
Flat Studio: Design Inspiration

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The Key to Being Productive

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There has been a lot of talk about productivity. There are even sites that are built specifically to tackle the “art of productivity”. It seems a little odd to me that productivity is an entire industry when the heart of productivity is action, or doing it now. There are books called, “Getting Things Done” or “Extreme Productivity” and programs that teach you all of the tools that you need to do something.

I argue that the only way to be productive is to write the first word, play the first note, write the first line of code, or create the first stroke of the paintbrush. Anything other than action is a stalling method.

Why We Don’t Act First

The questions I ask myself are, “why is there a productivity industry?”, “why do we read productivity books or buy overly complex software to manage what we do, when we could just do it?”. I believe it has nothing to do with our desire to get things done. We all want to be productive, we all want to make things, and we all want the internal or intrinsic rewards associated with getting things done.

There are a few factors that make us want to look for ways to be productive rather than just doing the work:

  • We don’t believe in what we’re building enough
  • We’re scared to release something
  • We don’t actually think we’re capable of pulling it off
  • We can’t get over the initial hump of hard work
  • It’s easier to check Facebook
  • Our school system taught us to follow rules, not to make them
  • Our friends and family tell us it’s never going to work
  • We think planning is better than real time feedback
  • We’re stalling because we hate our job
  • We don’t think anyone will appreciate it but we still need to look busy

The Elements of Getting Started

There are a few things that influence our abilities to act, rather than to get better at “the art productivity”. First and foremost, you have to really want it. Any room for doubt, disbelief, or lack of passion, will leave you with time to fill with planning, stalling, and looking for techniques to be productive. If you want it bad enough, you’ll be dying to get started. If not, ask yourself why you’re there thinking about stalling.

I often tell people that happiness is building what you wish existed, the moment the inspiration hits. Find the part of the task that you want the most. If it’s something you truly want to do, you’ll find a way to make sure it gets done as quickly as possible.


Inspiration is the single most powerful form of energy we have as creative people. Webster’s defines inspiration as, “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative”. It is inspiration that gives us what we need to start, but keeping that inspiration is what we need to keep our momentum.

Perpetual Inspiration

Perpetual inspiration, or staying inspired, can much more difficult that it looks. Getting inspired is a fairly simple thing to do in our industry because there is great work consistently flowing through our twitter streams, blogs, music and books. But staying inspired, now that’s a different story.

We’ve all heard the folklore of projects that were halfway done or the notebooks full of ideas sitting on the shelves. How can we avoid this? How can we get ourselves into a state of perpetual inspiration so that we can see our projects through?

One, I believe it starts with being open and honest with yourself about who you are and what you’re capable of. Secondly, I believe it requires that we establish milestones that are very close together so that we’re constantly shipping and getting peer validation of our work.

This keeps us moving and this gives us the momentum we need to be successful.


I’ve been in this game for a hot minute now, and I have to say that momentum is one of the most crucial aspects in deciding whether or not a project succeeds or fails. The momentum is built upon two notions: getting inspired and staying inspired. Accomplish these two things by keeping things moving forward and shipping as quickly and as often as you can until the project is done.

This may mean shipping something ultra-simple and mind-numbingly stripped down at first, but it’s an honest approach that keeps your momentum while allowing your customers to continually be involved in the quick evolution of your product.

That’s how you get things done. That’s true productivity, and it doesn’t even require software to disable your twitter or facebook feeds. Just build it.

Start with the first thing right now.

source: Tree House blog

8 Simple Ways to Inspire Yourself at Work

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Whether you’re a CEO, an intern, or anywhere in between, It can be difficult to stay motivated at work. There are priorities, challenges and distractions. There are people who help you – and perhaps people who hinder you. There are office politics, layoffs, and lost clients to contend with. Even if you have an inspiring boss, mission, and culture, it can be helpful to have your own tools to drive you and inspire you. Here are eight ways I’ve found to get myself in a good place to be productive, at work and in life, when I’m in need of some inspiration:

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