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Affiliate Marketing – How to Do It Right

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You may not know what affiliate marketing is, because it’s an often underutilized resource. Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy in which a company gives money or rewards to affiliates for every customer that they refer to their business.

Affiliate marketing may sound tricky, but if you know what you’re doing, it can be highly lucrative. To be a successful marketing affiliate, you need to establish relationships with your customers, choose appropriate products, provide reviews of the product, prove that you have experience with the product, and lastly, pitch the product.

1. Establish relationships with your customers.

how affiliate marketing works1 Affiliate Marketing – How to Do It Right

Your customers are more likely to buy from one of your affiliates if they feel that you are their friend. So, to make it more likely that your customers will follow through, nurture relationships with them.

It’s most important that you listen to your customers. If you are constantly talking at them, they will feel distant from you. Get them involved in the conversation, and get them excited about it.

You should also be completely open with them. If they feel that you are hiding something from them, they won’t trust you or feel that you’re their friend.

You could also try doing nice things for them without expecting anything in return. For instance, if it’s possible, take them to out to lunch. If you can’t meet with them in person, you could send them a gift card online.

2. Choose products that are appropriate for your customers.

If you recommend the wrong product to a customer, they might think that you don’t know anything about what they’re interested in. Not only can this result in you not getting a referral, you may also lose the established trust.

To make sure that you’re recommending the right products, it helps if you have experience with the product. This is the only way to know for sure that your customer will like it.

Furthermore, you also need to make sure you’re correctly profiling your customer. Over time, it will be easier for you to recognize what kinds of products a certain type of customer is typically interested in. For instance, a mom is likely interested in different products than a single college student.

Once you know the product, find the affiliate program. If there isn’t one available publicly, perhaps you could find a private one.

source: Design You Trust

How to force Android 4.3 update on your Nexus 4

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Last week Google announced Android 4.3 and that it would be rolled out to Nexus device users immediately. However, as most software update releases, it seems even Android 4.3 update rollout is a staggered one with only some users having received it so far. That was the case with me as well, with my Nexus 4 still stuck on Android 4.2 and the phone showing no update available. Well, it turns out that you can force Google’s servers to push the Android 4.3 OTA update with a simple trick.

If you haven’t received the update yet, go to Settings and select Apps. There select “All” and scroll till you find Google Services Framework. Select that and click on “Clear Data”, which would give you a warning. Disregard the warning and go ahead with it. Once done, go back to Settings, scroll till the end and select “About phone”. From there select “System updates”. It would show last checked for update sometime in 1970, which is alright. Now check for update again.

It takes a few attempts and if you don’t get the update, repeat all the steps again. Hopefully, you should get the update. After installing the update, you might get errors while installing new apps or updating existing apps. In case you get those errors, delete all the Google accounts from your phone and configure them again.

source: BGR

How to show hidden files on your Mac

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To enable hidden files/folders in finder windows:

  1. Open a terminal window
  2. Copy and paste the following line in:
    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES
  3. Press return
  4. Copy and paste this line to close and reopen all windows with the changes:
    killall Finder
  5. Press return

You should find you will now be able to see any hidden files or folders. One you are done, perform the steps above however, replace the terminal command in step 4 with:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO

Grabbed most of it from Mike Sel and added the killall step to make the process faster.

500px : Game of Thrones series

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500px blog just posted about Game of Thrones in honor of the 3rd season. A compilation of pictures by its users.

Some of the photos are direct interpretations of characters and places, some are abstract ideas, some are creative digital manipulations and all are awesome!

picture 1 – One Big Happy Family (Michael Cummings)

picture 2 – A Game of Thrones (Chema Ocaña)

picture 3 – …king’s landing… (Roberto Pavic)

picture 4 – Game of Thrones (JF Paina)

picture 5 – Winter is Coming (John Føreland)

you can check their post with their selections here.